Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Certified surgeon



We put to your consideration different options of financing that we describe later :


  Ask for the requirements to request a Credit MATICES with IXE Bank up to 36
  months for pay.


You may finance your surgery with participating credit cards.  We perform our
   operations and have previous agreements  with the most prestigious hospitals in
   Monterrey, Saltillo, Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo.  Please call us for details

   We offer complete packages “all included” so as to provide more accessible
   pricing to our patients

   Our packages include medical fees, anesthesia, hospital, implants, preoperative
   studies and special girdles (pressure garments) or bras

   For  people who live in another state or country and wish to visit us, we have
   special rates with 5-star hotels and airlines. 

For any doubt on financing, do not hesitate to consult us. We are to your orders.


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