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Breast Surgery





Breasts are a very important part of the beauty and image of a woman. 

Occasionally, the volume, shape or size of breasts is inadequate. Breast augmentation surgery allows us to place silicon gel implants beneath the mammary glands, thus being able to correct  imperfections and modify breasts
in a definite manner.

Surgery takes place in an operating room and is an outpatient procedure; hospitalization is not required.  Local  anesthesia and sedation are used.  The operation takes approximately one  hour.  A  special  bra  is  given to the  patient and  the  new shape  and volume of the  breasts can be visualized immediately.

Pain is minimal and the results are long-lasting.







This surgery is for women with excessive  enlargement of the mammary glands who undergo diverse physical and emotional problems such as neck and back
pain and limited mobility which unables them to participate in physical and
sporting activities.

Breast  reduction is one of the safest  plastic surgeries, it is considered reconstructive and is in some cases covered by health insurance. Results are
very satisfactory, they relieve the patient of back, neck and shoulder pain, fungi
in the creases, and rid the spinal cord of burdens.

Local anesthesia is used and recovery is quick.




Young women’s breasts are located in the thorax in a very adequate position. 
With age, weight loss and  pregnancies, the original shape is lost,  causing a pendulous  and  saggy appearance.  With  the breast rejuvenation surgery, we raise and reshape the breasts to their original position giving them more projection and beautifying the appearance.

This surgery is made with local anesthesia plus sedation.  It lasts approximately
3 hours and recovery is fast.



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