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Surgeries of Corporal Contour



LIPECTOMY (abdominoplasty; tummy tuck)


    The appearance of a young abdomen is recovered totally with  abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

This is the most adequate option for women who have had children and wish to recover the smooth flat shape they had before reaching motherhood, for people who have lost weight and wish to eliminate bulges or loose skin and for people who wish to have stretch marks eliminated.

    This is the most frequent plastic surgery we perform, and it is done with regional anesthesia.  It lasts 3 to 4 hours, hospitalization time is less than 12 hours and  about  7 days resting time is required.






LIPOSUCTION (Body Sculpting)

  Liposuction is another procedure we perform frequently in our private practice.

  This procedure was originally created to surgically remove adipose tissue (fat) accumulated in places where it was extremely difficult to eliminate through strict dieting or exercise.  Presently, we have modified and improved the procedure by using laser technology to reduce corporal volume and help our patients obtain the body they have always wanted.

    In case of the men we accentuate the muscles to achieve a more Athletic appearance.




  At Plastic Surgeons Associated (Cirujanos Plásticos Asociados), we have vast experience in buttock augmentation.  We offer the newest and most avant-guard options to obtain the volume and shape desired. 

  Lipo grafting consists in utilizing tissue extracted from the patient during liposuction.  The tissue is filtered and washed and relocated in the buttocks to increase the volume in the required area. 

  If the patient is thin, special silicon gel implants are placed under the buttock muscles to reach the desired volume.   Pain is minimal and recovery is fast.





This surgery is indicated in cases where it is extremely difficult to develop the back part of the legs,  as well as for skinny and badly shaped legs.  It is also for people who have damaged their legs in an accident or with a surgical defect due to tumor resection.

The leg implants are placed under the leg muscles in the operating room of a hospital with regional  anesthesia.  Postoperative pain is minimal and recovery time is short.  There are a variety of shapes and sizes of implants for each need, and in the case of illness or traumatic injuries, implants can be custom made.




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