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Other Procedures of Cosmetic surgery




In some patients, the distance and aesthetic dimensions of the lower maxillary (mandible) are corrected by utilizing a silicon implant which is placed into the tissue above the jaw in order to obtain the aesthetic equilibrium  in the dimensions of the features.  This is an outpatient procedure; no hospitalization is required and there is practically no discomfort.




  • Gastric Bypass minimally invasive
  • Gastric Band adjustable via laparoscopy
  • Mini Gastric Bypass via laparoscopy
  • Intra-Gastric Balloon                                                             
  • Gastric Sleeve




New techniques in liposuction allow us to correct corporal areas we dislike by eliminating unwanted fat from hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, internal part of the knees and neck.  Usually no hospitalization is required.  It is necessary to use a pressure garment  short time after the procedure and recovery is fast.



With age, and in people who have lost considerable weight or have undergone a weight reduction surgery, the tissue and skin of arms and thighs loses its elasticity, thus causing a flabby appearance. 

This surgery is a procedure in which we modify and enhance the shape of the
arms and thighs. Liposuction assisted with ultrasound is utilized.   In some cases, we combine the liposuction with skin and fat resection  to improve the appearance and shape of the arms or thighs




Hair transplanting surgery is a procedure which requires no hospitalization.  This technique consists in relocating bulbs or hair follicles very carefully from the back of the head above the neck to the area where more hair is desired.

Only local anesthesia is required and there is practically no pain  during and after the procedure.  As soon as the patient undergoes the procedure and has received instructions for the special care he should follow regarding his hair, he may go home and return for check-up in 5 days.


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